PFAS Task Force

NEWEA’s PFAS Task Force was created to unify the efforts of several standing committees and to more fully support NEWEA’s members.  PFAS chemicals are widespread and public concern is growing.  The Task Force focuses on materials and resources to consistently communicate PFAS challenges and the role of utilities to address these challenges.

NEWEA members are frontline protectors of the water environment.  While water and wastewater utilities are only PFAS receivers (we don’t add PFAS), we can provide leadership by working to implement cost effective efforts to manage concerns while actively encouraging polices to reduce the presence of PFAS in society and waste streams.  This task force will work toward promoting informed and positive outcomes to combat PFAS challenges.

The Task Force meets every few weeks and will report out on a regular basis to NEWEA membership.  Updates will include major areas the Task Force is focused on, such as:


  • Regulatory and Legislative developments in each New England State
  • Sharing of available information on possible health effects and general PFAS fate and behavior in the environment
  • Efforts to inform the public concerning PFAS issues, including source reduction
  • Provide context on exposure to PFAS compounds when available
  • Developing technology to address PFAS in water, biosolids, and other sources
  • Relevant and timely information on the impact to water and wastewater utilities


Participation includes at least one NEWEA member from each of the six New England States and a member from each of the following NEWEA standing committees:  Contaminants of Emerging Concern, Government Affairs, Residuals and Public Awareness.  In addition, representatives from the Northeast Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA) and the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) sit on the Task Force.

If you would like to learn more about NEWEA’s PFAS Task Force, please contact:Scott Firmin, Chair Phone: (207) 774-5961. You can also learn more about PFAS resources by visiting the following webpage:

Contact Info

Scott Firmin, Chair
Phone: (207) 774-5961

Emily Cole-Prescott, Vice Chair