Golden Manhole Award

Type: Individual Award 

Description: The Golden Manhole Award is awarded to an individual who has had significant participation in one or more of the following areas: Operations, Maintenance, Design, Field Evaluation, Education, Training, Certification, Management, and Planning of Wastewater Collection Systems.

Nominees shall not be on the Collection Systems Awards Sub-Committee. The Collection Systems Committee (CSC) Awards Sub-Committee shall have seven members comprised of the following configuration:

  • Present Awards Subcommittee Chair – 1
  • Past Collection Systems Committee Chair – 1
  • Past Award (Golden Manhole and Courchaine Award) Recipients – 2
  • Collection Systems Committee Members with at least 1-5 years of active service – 3

Criteria: Induction will be determined by a vote of members of the Collection Systems Awards Sub-Committee based on the following:

  • Active in Collection Systems for ten years;
  • Five years of service on NEWEA Collection Systems Committee;
  • Participation in NEWEA technical conferences as a Session Moderator;
  • Participation in NEWEA Collection Systems Committee Subcommittees (e.g. Abstract Review, James J. Courchaine Collection Systems Award, etc.)

Additional Criteria Considered:

  • Technical presentations at professional conferences;
  • Papers or articles accepted by state, regional, or national publications;
  • Past NEWEA Collection Systems Committee Chair;
  • Wastewater Collection or Operator Certification (Minimum Grade III)

Inductees into the Golden Manhole Society shall receive their NEWEA Golden Manhole recognition pins and certificates at the NEWEA Annual Conference.

Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

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