Golden Manhole Award

Type: Individual Award

Description: The Golden Manhole Award is awarded to an individual who has had significant participation in one or more of the following areas: Operations, Maintenance, Design, Field Evaluation, Education, Training, Certification, Management, and Planning of Wastewater Collection Systems.

Nominators or Nominees shall not be on the Golden Manhole Society (GMS) Selection Committee; Selection Committee members shall consist of Past GMS Award recipients and members of the NEWEA Collections Systems Committee with 1 to 5 years of active service.

Criteria: Induction will be determined by a minimum of three members of the Selection Committee based on the following:

  • Active in Collection Systems for ten years;
  • Five years of service on NEWEA Collection Systems Committee;
  • Participation in NEWEA technical conferences as a Session Moderator;
  • Participation in NEWEA Collection Systems Committee Subcommittees (e.g. Abstract Review, James J. Courchaine Collection Systems Award, etc.)

Additional Criteria Considered:

  • Technical presentations at professional conferences;
  • Papers or articles accepted by state, regional, or national publications;
  • Past NEWEA Collection Systems Committee Chair;

Inductees into the Golden Manhole Society shall receive their NEWEA Golden Manhole recognition pins and certificates during the NEWEA Annual Conference.

Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

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