Assessment and Development Committee

The A&D Committee has four main goals, we:

  1. Coordinate a review process for monitoring and evaluating committee activities
  2. Assist the Executive Committee in guiding the councils and individual committees in the discharge of their association work
  3. Advise the Executive Committee regarding the charges, goals, and objectives of standing and ad-hoc committees
  4. Review and update the Association’s Organizational Manual

We are made up of experienced NEWEA members and help the organization with major and minor decision making.
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Contact Info

Jennifer Kelly Lachmayr, Chair
Phone: (781) 439-5181‬



What does the Assessment and Development Committee Do?

  • Evaluates 1/4 of all standing committees and all ad-hoc committees annually
  • Provides guidance and assistance to the Executive Committee and SMT
  • Works with the Council Directors to help their committees meet their goals and charges
  • Updates the NEWEA Organizational Manual
  • Conducts the New Committee Chair, Council Director and State Director Orientation at the Annual Conference

How often do we meet?

  • We meet twice a year at Conferences, and communicate through Conference calls and emails throughout the year.

Why should you join us?

  • You are an experienced NEWEA member with knowledge of how the SMT, EC, and Committees function
  • Help chart the course for our committees and monitor and enhance the health of NEWEA

See What We’ve Accomplished.

  • Committee Chair Training at Annual Conference