Apply for NEWEA scholarships

NEWEA is proud to offer scholarships to dedicated and aspiring water industry students in undergraduate and graduate levels and for individuals enrolled in continuing education/training programs. Check out the latest Scholarship Recipients Essays >>

NEWEA Student Scholarship

The scholarship committee is pleased to offer scholarships for both environmental field majors and for non-environmental related majors. Two $1,200 scholarships will be awarded to qualifying Undergraduate or Graduate applicants majoring in the field of civil/environmental engineering or related sciences and one $600 scholarship will be awarded to an Undergraduate student in a non-environmental field related major.  Criteria for selection include:

  1. Essay
  2. Voluntary effort and non-curricular activities
  3. Grade point average
  4. Letters of recommendation

NEWEA’s objective is to encourage and to provide incentive for capable and motivated individuals to continue their studies in the advancement of their water environment protection skills and to enhance and promote the quality of their performance as environmental professionals.

Student Scholarship Applications* are due by 3:00pm on Friday, December 4, 2020

*Only online applications submissions will be accepted.
**Applicants are advised to review the guidelines and sample application form information prior to online submission.

Kowsz Scholarship

In order to encourage the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of water pollution control, NEWEA established the Edward A. Kowsz Memorial Scholarship. The intent of the award is to encourage the continuing education of the water and wastewater industry workforce.

One $250.00 scholarship award will be awarded by the Scholarship Committee. Applicant must be a current member of NEWEA or an affiliate member in one of the recognized New England Affiliated State Associations (ASAs) to be eligible for consideration. Please check the Kowsz Application guidelines link for more information on application requirements.

*Both online or paper application submissions will be accepted.
** Applicants are requested to contact the NEWEA office prior to submitting the funding request to confirm the availability of scholarship funds.