PFAS Communication Campaign

New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) and Northeast Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA) have recently collaborated to produce an awareness and action campaign seeking to gain local, regional, state, and federal support for research on PFAS in our environment. The campaign uses clear, concise language and imagery to convey to our audiences, which include residents and leaders in the six New England states, that PFAS are present in many products we use every day and research is needed to understand its presence, effects, opportunities for mitigation, and steps needed to reduce its existence.

We have created a series of five posters, buck slips, and a one-page informational sheet to share these messages. We offer the one-page informational sheet with placeholder text and pre-prepared content. For a small donation, these high-quality, ready-to-share materials are available to organizations looking to reach their audiences and memberships with this important messaging. We have included suggested donation amounts in the form below for your convenience, but any donation amount is greatly appreciated to help NEWEA and NEBRA offset the costs of creating the campaign materials.

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