Professional Development

Be a Water Quality Professional and Go Where the Action Is

Join the men and women at work on the water quality frontline at wastewater treatment facilites…doing more to protect public health and the environment each day than most people do in a lifetime.  Career preparation ranges from high school to college or university degrees. Certification requirements are state-specific.

Check out our Career Brochure for information on water quality professionals and the different career opportunities in the water quality industry.  

Education and Training Opportunities

There are a variety of college and university and technical schools in New England that offer degreed and certificate programs for those interested in water quality career advancement. Learn More

Becoming a Certified Wastewater Operator in Massachusetts

Each state has its own training and certification requirements for water and wastewater operations personnel. View the Water Industries Careers Reference Guide or refer to each New England state listed below:

The information contained in each state link is meant only to provide general guidelines for comprehensive information.

NEWEA Certification Programs

NEWEA offers individuals the opportunity to become certified for Wastewater Collection Systems Operator and Laboratory Analyst. Learn More


NEWEA offers scholarships to deserving individuals enrolled in continuing education/training programs. Learn More

Search for a Job

Dozens of new water environment jobs are added every month! Search up-to-date job listings for career opportunities in the water, wastewater, and environmental industry. NEWEA’s Job Bank is continually updated with new employment listings for careers in wastewater, including water and wastewater management, operations, consulting engineering, and other career paths in water quality.  Learn More

Water Warriors Jobs Initiative

NEWEA’s Water Warriors Jobs Initiative produced an informational video with the goal of connecting with Departing Military Veterans about ample opportunities for water industry careers. This video highlights how the skills they developed during their military service translate to water industry jobs; the stable, rewarding career opportunities available; and avenues for getting involved in this industry.

Watch the full video on NEWEA’s YouTube channel.

The EPA produced a series of workforce webinars, including Veterans in the Water Workforce. This webinar educates today’s veterans on how they can provide a very important set of skills as well as benefit from a range of programs designed to help them build a meaningful career in water. The bulk of the webinar focuses on the speakers who represent many perspectives and share their experiences working with this key group. They are past service members who have moved into the water workforce, higher education veteran transition program managers, and national federal veterans program professionals. The rest of the webinar focuses on questions from the audience.

Watch the webinar recording.

Mentoring for Young Professionals

Become a mentor or mentee with the Young Professional’s Mentor Program.  Learn More 

Young Professionals are those individuals in the water quality field who are under 35 and have less than 5 years experience.