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Water for life.

Water for Life

NEWEA’s Water for Life Campaign aims to showcase the ideas, people, and projects that keep New England’s water environment safe and accessible.

Although NEWEA is well-known among water professionals, the work we and our professional partners do is not well-understood in our New England communities. NEWEA originally launched this campaign in 2016 and is now looking to expand the campaign as part of an organizational public awareness initiative.

NEWEA intends to reach every corner of New England with this campaign, allowing us to raise awareness on water quality related issues, success stories, NEWEA as an organization, and the work our membership performs. It is critical to the future and growth of our organization that we expand our membership and grow our network to include those with interests related to the water industry.

The campaign will use an advertorial and educational style and partner with water industry professionals, as well as organizations and individuals outside the industry who support environmentalism and water quality issues, to reach its goals.

Campaign goals include highlighting and bringing awareness to:

  • Water quality efforts in New England.
  • Career opportunities for collaborative, diverse water industry professionals.
  • The critical need to fund water infrastructure.

Contact the NEWEA office to get involved or sign up for our email list to get Water for Life updates.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Supporting the Water for Life campaign contributes to promoting the broader understanding of the work the water industry does to ensure a safe water environment for New England. As a partner with Water for Life, you’re joining NEWEA in our mission to advance knowledge, innovation, and sound public policy for the protection of the water environment and our quality of life. Our Water for Life partners allow us to expand our network and reach a broader audience to share stories about the important work water professionals perform to keep New England communities thriving.

Involved organizations also raise awareness for their own companies as a socially responsible company. Additionally, all involved companies will have their logo and a link to their site visible on NEWEA’s sponsor webpage.

How to Get Involved

The Water for Life Campaign currently offers three avenues for getting involved: nominating or becoming a Water Champion, placing an ad, and/or becoming a partner/spokesperson. This campaign is constantly expanding, and we are open to the proposal of other options for organizations and individuals to get involved.

Nominate or Become a Water Champion

Water Champions are recognized leaders in the water industry. NEWEA has over 2,000 members, part of the larger community of New England water professionals, who treat our water and return it back to the environment for future use. Water Champions share their success stories and experience, which contribute to the creation of campaign ads.

Place an Ad

The Water for Life campaign will spread awareness largely through campaign ads. These ads showcase the ideas, people, and projects that keep New England’s water environment safe and accessible. Ads are projected to appear on NEWEA channels, such as our quarterly print journal and social media, as well as partner channels across New England.

Join us as a Partner or Spokesperson

The Water for Life campaign seeks partners and spokespeople to raise the awareness of the campaign and its goals. Unlike Water Champions, spokespeople and partners are New England professionals outside of the water industry, such as entertainers, politicians, and/or business leaders, and organizations that have an interest in sustainability, conservation, and environmentalism.