NEWEA Journal

The NEWEA Journal is a seasonal, full-sized magazine published four times a year and is mailed to members.  The publication keeps members up-to-date with current events and industry trends.  Advertising Opportunities are available.  Article submissions are welcomed and encouraged.  Submit Articles Online

Upcoming Editorial Deadlines & Themes

The NEWEA Journal is a theme based publication. Please submit articles for acceptance to the following link:

Submit Articles Online

NEWEA Spring 2023 Issue – Water Reuse
Articles due January 9, 2023

NEWEA Summer 2023 Issue – Small Systems
Articles due April 1, 2023

NEWEA Fall 2023 Issue – Nutrient Control
Articles due July 1, 2023

NEWEA Winter 2023 Issue – Innovative Solutions
Articles due September 25, 2023

Journal Repository

To view the latest issue online, past issues or a particular article, visit the journal repository.