Water Innovation Partnership Network

The Water Innovation Ecosystem Wheel (pictured above) was created in order to label and visualize the different entities within the water innovation sphere and to demonstrate the interconnectedness between each organization type. In order to decrease the current siloed ecosystem, it is necessary to adopt a “One Water” concept and foster these connections by increasing communication and collaboration.

One way to do this is to form partnerships between NEWEA and other organizations that belong to different spokes of the water wheel.


Business Partnerships

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Academic Partnerships

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Funding & Support Group Partnerships

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Other Partnerships

All partnerships in the water innovation ecosystem are essential to keep the lines of communication open, to share knowledge, and to adopt a “one water” concept. Collaborating with organizations whose goals align with NEWEA will be beneficial for water innovation. The Innovation Council will continue to reach out to different organizations in all sectors of water.  

If you are interested in partnering with NEWEA, please contact the Innovation Council Director.

Events – Innovation Pavilion

Another way to foster connections between different organizations is to host events such as the Innovation Pavilion. This event was developed with the goal of building awareness, sharing ideas, and creating connections between businesses, utilities, regulators, and academics to drive innovation in our region.  

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