K-3rd Grade Presentations

NEWEA Wastewater Presentation

The “How We Use Water” presentation runs 30-40 minutes and teaches the concepts of how human beings are part of the water cycle, what wastewater is, and that the water we’ve used  has to be “cleaned” before being returned to the environment.

NEWEA Stormwater Presentations

Dwayne the Storm Drain Book* PresentationActivities
Dwayne the Storm Drain is a rhyming book about the many functions of a storm drain throughout the year. Students will learn that storm drains receive rainfall and natural objects to keep streets dry and clear, and to keep us healthy and safe. They will also learn the importance of not disposing of litter or other inappropriate materials in storm drain systems.

World Water Monitoring Challenge


*Available pre-printed and laminated from NEWEA office. Contact us at 781-939-0908 or mail@newea.org for more information.

**Email mail@newea.org to request Microsoft PowerPoint and Word materials.