Youth Outreach Challenge

NEWEA is putting forth a challenge to each of our members to reach out to a group of local school-age children to spread the word about the importance of water. We invite each member to choose a local school or community group, arrange a visit, and perform any one of our NEWEA Schoolkit presentations. After performing your outreach activity, send us your Presenter Survey either online or via mail/fax and we’ll add your students to our tally. Our goal is to reach 5,000 students. Join the challenge! After presenting, please ask the children’s’ teacher or advisor to fill out the Teacher Survey and fill out the Presenter Survey yourself. These may be completed online or by printing the forms below and returning them to the NEWEA office. Once we have received your survey, we will add the results to our progress meter.

Our Progress

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin,000 Raised 4,505 towards the 5,000 target.4,505 Raised 4,505 towards the 5,000 target.90%


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