Edward A. Kowsz Memorial Scholarship

In order to encourage the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of water pollution control, NEWEA established the Edward A. Kowsz Memorial Scholarship. The intent of the award is to encourage the continuing education of the water and wastewater industry workforce. Successful applicant is eligible for reimbursement of tuition, registration, and other related costs associated with training in any of the following focus areas:

Collection Systems, Drinking Water, Industrial Water/Wastewater/Process Water, Groundwater, Odor/Air Emissions, Land and Soil Systems, Legislation (Policy, Legislation, Regulation), Public Education/Information, Residuals/Sludge/Biosolids/Solid Waste, Stormwater, Toxic and Hazardous Materials, Utility Management and Environmental, Wastewater, Water Reuse and/or Recycle, Watershed/Surface Water Systems, Water/Wastewater Analysis and Health/Safety Water Systems.

Scholarships may also be awarded for courses at accredited colleges, universities, technical/specialty institutes, or for self-study training programs. The enrolled program should lead towards a certification or a degree with relevant coursework in any of the following education/concentration areas:

Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Physics), Biological Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Environmental Law and Business Management.

One $250.00 scholarship award will be awarded by the Scholarship Committee. Applicant must be a current member of NEWEA or an affiliate member in one of the recognized New England Affiliated State Associations (ASAs) to be eligible for consideration.