Young Professionals Mentoring Program

At the 2018 Annual Conference, the Young Professionals (YP) Committee unveiled a new Mentoring Program. The program, which will last 12 months, pairs member and non-member Young Professionals (YP) new to NEWEA with seasoned mentors from the NEWEA network. The program gives participants the opportunity to form a working relationship with a mentor, which will expand their network and introduce them to various facets of the water/environment industry, potentially leading to a lifelong relationship with their mentor.

This program, which will run from January 2022 to January 2023, also gives YPs a great excuse to attend future NEWEA events and will introduce them to NEWEA, WEF, and associated organizations to help them broaden their professional horizons.

The Mentoring Program isn’t only great for mentees: it can also enrich the experience of mentors by giving them a fresh perspective on the incoming wave of water environment professionals.

Participants will be paired up with a mentor by the 2022 NEWEA Annual Conference.  You can apply at any time during the year, but applications received after December 31st will be held until the next year.

At this point in time, the requirements of the Mentoring Program are as follows:

  1. Mentors must be current NEWEA members in good standing.
  2. Communicate every three months with your mentor or mentee. This could be a phone call, video call, or an in-person visit. This amounts to four calls or visits over the duration of the program.
  3. Mentors must report out on the status of the pairing at the halfway mark via a phone call with a NEWEA YP Committee member.
  4. Mentor/Mentee must complete an exit survey about the program at the program’s end.

As your Mentor/Mentee relationship develops over time, we hope you will strengthen it and encourage your mentee to get involved in what they’re interested in:

  • If your mentee displays an interest in a specific sector of the water/environment industry, encourage them to attend a topic-specific NEWEA conference or attend an industry event.
  • If possible, invite your mentee on-site to take a tour of your facility and see the industry from your perspective.
  • Attend our Mentoring Program wrap-up meeting at the Annual Conference.

Please contact Daryl Coppola, YP Committee for more information.

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