Sponsor Committee

The Sponsor Committee has three main goals, we:

  1. Raise money for the Association by creating sponsorship opportunities for members
  2. Recognize sponsors for their contributions
  3. Coordinate with other committees to host fundraising events

The Sponsor Committee is charged with raising funds from our members through sponsorship of Association events and activities. This includes developing a fair price for sponsoring an activity and developing a suitable recognition for the sponsor’s support. We maintain contact with our sponsors to get feedback on their experience as a sponsor. We also coordinate with other Association committees on fund raising activities, under the direction of the Management Review Council.

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Contact Info

Larry Scola, Chair
Phone: (800) 225-4616

Matt Deluca, Vice Chair


What does the Sponsor Committee do?

  • Develops new sponsorship opportunities
  • Works with Management Committee to coordinate fundraising and sponsorship activities
  • Organizes and runs Operations Challenge Golf Tournament

How often do we meet?

  • At the Annual Conference
  • Planning meeting(s) for Operations Challenge Golf Tournament
  • Meeting to finalize Annual Sponsorship program for ensuing year

Why should you join us?

  • Help keep the Association financially healthy
  • Interact with other members with similar responsibilities
  • Be a good listener and team player

See what we’ve accomplished.

  • Successful Operations Challenge Golf Tournament
  • Provided additional sponsorship options for Annual Sponsors