Residuals Management Committee

The Residuals Management Committee has four main goals, we:

  1. Develop Association policies on residuals management
  2. Disseminate information regarding rules and regulations
  3. Educate members and the public on the technical and regulatory aspects of residuals management
  4. Hold an annual technical conference, along with technical sessions at the Annual Conference

The Residuals Management Committee works with various professionals in the residuals and biosolids field so that public, private, consulting, research and industry priorities and concerns are evaluated and highlighted as part of the Association. We share ideas, technology updates, cutting-edge research, case studies and lessons-learned to broaden and strengthen the knowledge, operational practices and success of residual management.

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Contact Info

Justin Motta, Chair
Phone: (978)-828-1094

Vanessa Borkowski, Vice Chair



What does the Residuals Management Committee do?

  • Holds an annual specialty technical conference, consisting of technical presentations and residuals-centered site tours
  • Coordinates with other New England area residuals and biosolids organizations
  • Shares information with and supports WEF Member Association Biosolids Chairs and National Biosolids Partnership Advisory Committee
  • Facilitates multiple residuals technical sessions at the NEWEA Annual Conference
  • Meets and coordinates both within the Committee and with other NEWEA committees

How often do we meet?

  • At our Specialty Technical Annual Conference
  • At the NEWEA Annual Conference
  • Approximately quarterly for telephone conferences

Why should you join us?

  • Interested in residuals and biosolids-related information
  • Desire to share your knowledge and opinions with leaders in the residual industry
  • Seeking networking opportunities with industry professionals

See what we’ve accomplished.

Elaine Sistare moderates at Residuals AC 2015

Committee Chair Elaine Sistare moderates a session.

Natalie Sierra presents at Residuals AC 2015

Committee Vice Chair Natalie Sierra gives a presentation at our 2015 Specialty Conference in Danvers, MA, held jointly with national biosolids organization BioCycle.

Ned Beecher and Eric Spargimino prepare for the next Technical Presentation at Residuals AC 2015

Committee Vice Chair Eric Spargimino and NEBRA Executive Director Ned Beecher prepare the podium for the next technical presentation.