Workforce Development Committee (*ad hoc)

The Workforce Development Committee develops and implements Association policies/programs for workforce development.  The committee identifies and reviews workforce development programs within the industry and prioritizes those that are effective at recruiting and retaining College, University and trade school students, veterans, operators, Young Professionals, and other demographics to work in the clean water profession.  The committee promotes and disseminates information about model programs and assists NEWEA members with review and implementation.

Contact Info

Bill Boornazian, Chair
Phone: (207)-874-8871

Connecticut – Chris Lund and Ray Weaver, CT
Maine – Peter Goodwin, Livermore, ME
Massachusetts – Jeremiah Murphy, Newburyport, MA
New Hampshire – Stephen Simeone and Larry Scola, NH
Rhode Island – Scott Goodinson, Warwick, RI
Vermont – Daniel Hecht, Montpelier, VT

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