Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee has three main goals, we:

  1. Connect students with the Association and foster student membership
  2. Support the creation and the activities of student chapters
  3. Organize Undergraduate competitions and Graduate technical sessions

The Student Activities Committee encourages student participation in the Association using various activities, including paper and design competitions and support the creation of student chapters.

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Contact Info

Nick Tooker, Chair
Phone: 413-313-6217

Frank Occhipinti, Member

Jerry Hopcroft, Member


What does the Student Activities Committee do?

  • Organizes poster design competition for Undergraduate students
  • Facilitates Graduate student technical session at Annual Conference
  • Holds Student Design Competition
  • Assists in creating the Student Newsletter

How often do we meet?

  • Meeting to prepare for Annual Conference activities
  • Judging Student Design competition

Why should you join us?

  • Passionate about the Association and its commitment to water quality with young students

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