Water Reuse Committee

The Water Reuse Committee has two main goals, we:

  1. Review technical practices related to water reuse
  2. Disseminate available information regarding water reuse to NEWEA membership

Water reuse is emerging as a key tool to manage one of our most critical resources, water, in a more sustainable manner. Our Committee seeks to expand knowledge of the water reuse field, in order to provide sound information to both present and future NEWEA members, as well as regulators and other interested parties.

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Contact Info

Robert Scott, Chair
Phone: 860-486-7171



What does the Water Reuse Committee do?

  • Tracks changes in and disseminates information regarding federal and state water reuse policies, guidelines, and regulations
  • Assists the Government Affairs Committee in reviewing and commenting on proposed regulations, policies, and guidelines
  • Recruits technical papers for presentation at Association meetings, and coordinates with the Program Committee to develop technical sessions at the Annual Conference and Spring Meeting
  • Provides a forum for the exchange of information related to water reuse
  • Plans, organizes, and executes specialty conferences related to water reuse at least once during the tenure of the Chair

How often do we meet?

  • Quarterly conference calls
  • More frequent meetings in the year leading up to the Specialty Conference
  • Long term preparation for a specialty conference held at least once every 3 years

Why should you join us?

  • Excellent cross-section of skills and experience available to broaden your perspective on water reuse
  • Excellent way to increase exposure among peers and prospective clients
  • Requires innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to make projects succeed, and members benefit from seeing how problems are tackled in different ways
  • Water reuse growing as a fundamental tool for promoting both sustainable and economically viable solutions discharge and permitting issues

See what we’ve accomplished.

2015 Water Reuse and Industrial Wastewater Specialty Conference at University of Hartford, CT:

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