Asset Management Excellence Award

The nominee must be an organization that demonstrates initiative and leadership in the area of asset management, and can be one that has recently initiated or progressed their asset management program, with both successes and lessons learned considered.

Leadership or initiative is expected to include activities such as:

  • Initiation of an asset management program within an organization: a mission statement, strategic work plan, service levels, resource plan, core team, education plan, and buy-in from various levels within the organization.
  • Implementation or development of a best practice, demonstration of success, and documentation of resources conserved (time, money, energy, understanding and reduction of risks, reduced frequency of an emergency maintenance activity [i.e. pipe breaks, backup calls], etc.)
  • Assistance to another utility or agency in the area of asset management, including training, mentoring, and sharing of methodology.
  • Development and implementation of asset management tools/databases within an agency, including training and implementation plan, demonstration/documentation of benefits, widespread use in agency in decision making.

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