Contaminants of Emerging Concern Committee

Microconstituents are natural and manmade substances, including elements and inorganic and organic chemicals, detected within water and the environment for which a prudent course of action is suggested for the continued assessment of the potential impacts on human health and the environment. Frequently mentioned contaminants of emerging concern include pharmaceutical and personal care products, pesticides, nanomaterials, and industrial chemicals.

The mission of the Contaminants of Emerging Concern Committee is to organize and promote activities that will increase awareness of contaminants in the environment by exchanging and conveying information on the variety of aspects, such as their occurrence, fate, transport, treatment, analytical requirements, human health and aquatic impacts, and public education and awareness and to assess the regulatory impacts on the water environment profession. In addition to the regulated community and other stakeholders, committee membership should include regulatory and governmental representatives throughout the New England region.  Learn More

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Janine Burke-Wells, Chair
Phone: (603) 323-7654

Laurel Schaider, Vice Chair
Phone:  (617) 332-4288


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