Utility Management Award

The NEWEA Wastewater Utility Management Award serves to acknowledge the outstanding performance of a wastewater division in the New England area as illustrated through the implementation of industry best management practices. The Effective Utility Management (EUM) Collaborative (www.waterEUM.org) provides a useful tool for the identification, development and communication of best management practices applied to the water sector.

The NEWEA Utility Management Committee seeks to recognize the value provided by the EUM Collaborative in the nomination and selection process for this award. Our goal is to promote the concepts and tools afforded through EUM. We believe that even the best managed utilities will find EUM useful. Through the application process and the associated EUM Self-Assessment, Utilities will receive meaningful and useful feedback on their performance which can lead to further improvement. The award application, the completed self-assessment, and possible site visits by the selection team will serve as the basis for award of the Utility Management Award.

NEWEA and the NEWEA Utility Management committee understand that flow and loadings should not be the only criteria for this award but how the process, people and customers are managed is of paramount importance. Therefore regardless of your facility’s capacity, we offer you the opportunity to show to NEWEA and New England the pride and accomplishment of yourself and your staff.

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