CSO/Wet Weather Issues Committee

The CSO/Wet Weather Issues Committee focuses on wet weather related issues including policies, management and control of combined sewer overflows (CSO), sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), and stormwater discharges and educating members and the general public on the technical, legislative, financial, and regulatory aspects of these issues. On behalf of the Association, the Committee recommends policies and positions on legislative and regulatory initiatives related to wet weather pollution.

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Contact Info

Josh Schimmel, Chair
Phone: 413-787-6256

Erica Casarano, Vice Chair



What does the CSO/Wet Weather Issues Committee do?

  • Plan and host webinars, technical sessions, specialty conferences, and other committee member events.
  • Review abstracts for NEWEA annual conference and promote submission of abstracts to other national and specialty conferences and promote articles for the submission to the NEWEA Journal.
  • Track development and update of federal and state wet weather policies, guidelines, regulations and legislation.
  • Provide comments on regional technical and regulatory standards and guidelines.
  • Develop white papers and public outreach/education materials to promote public awareness of the CSO/wet weather issues and their impact on water quality, public health, safety, and community welfare.

How often do we meet?

  • Committee luncheon meeting at the NEWEA Annual Conference in January.
  • Monthly committee member conference calls to discuss ongoing issues and plan for committee activities such as webinars, conferences and other in-person committee meetings.
  • Host specialty conferences every 2-3 years or co-host conferences with related NEWEA committees.

Why should you join us?

  • Expand your professional network and interact with our large group of members with diverse backgrounds.
  • Keep abreast with the current policies as well as technical, financial, and regulatory aspects of the wet weather issues.
  • Exchange ideas and information to help you advance your profession and career.

See what we’ve accomplished.

  • We hosted a CSO Specialty Conference in 2018 in Portland, Maine with over 150 attendees. Click HERE to see the conference program.

  • We had our annual committee member luncheon on January 27, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss a wide variety of topics related CSO/wet weather issues and our upcoming webinar topics (see below).

  • We hosted a webinar on CSO Notification System on June 24, 2020. Click HERE to view presentations

  • We created a CSO Fact Sheet, providing an overview on CSOs, the cost and benefits of replacing combined sewers, and challenges faced by CSO replacement programs.
  • We will host a CSO Specialty Conference in October 2021. Stay tuned for location and call for abstracts.