Small Community Committee

The Small Community Committee has two main goals, we:

  1. Disseminate information to small community/small flow facilities via an annual Specialty Conference
  2. Conduct technical sessions geared toward small community wastewater needs at the Annual Conference

EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management defines “small communities” as communities in the U.S. that typically have a population of 10,000 or fewer people and an average daily wastewater flow of less than 1 million gallons. Small community wastewater facilities are a large majority of the publicly owned wastewater facilities in most states.

The Small Community Committee delivers technical information on current water and wastewater treatment issues to small communities and small flow facilities. It is typically comprised of 8-15 members from both the public and private sectors, including regulators, town and city employees, consultants, operators, and technical representatives. The committee meets several times per year to develop specialty conferences that are accessible, affordable, and specifically designed for small communities, and to develop and conduct a session at the NEWEA Annual Conference that focuses on an issue relevant and timely to small communities.

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Contact Info

Kurt Mailman, Chair
Phone: 413-452-0445

Ian Catlow, Vice Chair
Phone: 508-471-9605


What does the Small Community Committee do?

  • Hosts one session at NEWEA Annual Conference
  • Develops one Specialty Conference per year

How often do we meet?

  • Following our session at the Annual Conference
  • At the Specialty Conference
  • Quarterly conference calls

Why should you join us?

  • Desire to help small facilities and small communities succeed
  • Willing to pitch in on a few projects
  • Fun group of people makes projects enjoyable
  • Committee has a distinct focus and mission

See what we’ve accomplished.

  • Nov 2015 Specialty Conference, Sturbridge, MA – Nutrient Removal Compliance Strategies (see photos below)
  • Nov 2014 Specialty Conference, Portsmouth, NH – Operating Plants with Seasonal Flow Variations
  • Nov 2013 Specialty Conference, Cromwell, CT – Nutrient Regulation, Removal and Monitoring





Event Name



Operating Small Community Facilities with Seasonal Flow Variations (joint w/Plant Operation) November 2014 Portsmouth, NH
Nutrient Regulations, Removal and Monitoring – A Small Community Perspective (joint w/Laboratory Practices) November 2013 Cromwell, CT
SCADA For Small Communities (part of GMWEA Trade Show) November 2012 Burlington, VT
Funding and Regulatory Challenges in These Trying Times – A Small Community Perspective October 2011 Sturbridge, MA
Asset Management 101 for Small Communities (joint w/Asset Mgmt. Committee) May 2009 Concord, NH
Energy Efficiency for Small Wastewater Treatment Facilities Nov. 2008 Wolfeboro, NH
Alternative Onsite Treatment Workshop April 2007 Kingston, RI
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Workshop Oct. 2006 Kingston, RI
Maintenance Management Systems for Small Communities Oct. 2005 Portland, ME
Energy Efficiency & Power Alternatives May 2004 North Chelmsford, MA
Contract Operations for Wastewater Utilities April 2001 White River Junction, VT
Topics in Wastewater Chemistry & Biology for the WWTP Operator April 2000 Concord, NH
Optimization Strategies for Small WWTP May 1999
Let Computers Work for You May 1998