Utility Management Committee

The Utility Management Committee (UMC) promotes the adoption of effective and sustainable management practices across all aspects of wastewater utility operations.

The UMC shall review, analyze and share the latest techniques and strategies for the best management of organizations and the successful operation of effective utilities through engagement, collaboration, and sharing resources with the professional consulting industry. It shall develop appropriate and timely educational and outreach tools and techniques (workshops, presentations, webinars, white papers, technical sessions at the annual conference, written manuals of practice) to educate and train utility managers at all levels to meet the ongoing mission, goals and objectives of the New England Water Environment Association.

The UMC meets four times per year to conduct the business of the Committee, to receive updates on current WEF and NEWEA Management initiatives and to continue work on the annual action programs of each of the UMC Subcommittee
The UMC supports two Task Forces: Workforce Development and NEWEA InFlow, currently being designed based on WEF’s InFlow Program. The committee is currently recruiting members. If you’re interested in joining the Committee, contact the committee chair or apply below.

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Contact Info

Kevin Garvey, Chair
Phone: (603) 724-1757


What does the Utility Management Committee do?

  • Holds a speciality conference every three years
  • Identifies issues that impact utilities
  • Develops resources to help utilities respond to issues affecting them

How often do we meet?

  • At the Annual Conference
  • At the Spring Meeting
  • Specialty conference every three years
  • Semi-annual conference calls

Why should you join us?

  • Forum for brainstorming issues Utility Managers face
  • Those seeking information on sustaining workforce and attracting new employees
  • Networking opportunities for Utility Owners/Operators

See what we’ve accomplished

  • Led Effective Utility Management (EUM) Roll Out throughout New England
  • Developed Utility of the Year Award Guidance
  • Identified Utility of Year Award Winners