Green Steps Award

The Green Steps Award is given for innovation and sustainability within the wastewater industry.  The nominee must be an organization that demonstrates initiative and leadership in the implementation of innovative, sustainable practices within their wastewater utility. Innovation means new approaches, techniques and/or results. Sustainable includes benefits for the community, environment and economy. Both successes and lessons learned from the project promise broad application for future projects.

Eligibility – for this award includes the following considerations:

  • Projects must, first and foremost, demonstrate multiple Triple Bottom Line benefits (i.e. economic, social and environmental)
  • Projects must be in operation for at least a 6-month period post-construction/implementation.

Criteria – projects will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • the extent to which innovative design or construction methods improve economic, social and environmental sustainability; awards already recognized by Envision or other sustainable rating systems should be noted
  • the potential of the innovative strategies/methods to extend future developments in sustainability
  • the degree to which the project promotes public understanding of sustainable infrastructure as demonstrated by working with the public at the planning, design, construction, and operations stages in the development of the project; and
  • the degree to which collaboration was demonstrated by significant participation of other disciplines on the team.

Requirements for Applicants:

Entries for the award should include a brief summary describing how the project exemplifies the economic, social and environmental principles of sustainability, why the project is innovative, what advantages are anticipated, and how the project met or exceeded the client’s needs.

Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Sustainability Committee before March 31.

Nominees will be voted on by existing members of the Sustainability Committee. Upon a simple majority vote, each inductee will be notified of his or her acceptance by the Sustainability Committee Chair. Awardees will be recognized during the NEWEA Spring Meeting & Exhibit.