Youth Educator Award

Type: Individual or Group

Description: This award is to recognize and honor a formal or informal New England educator who has a passion for water quality issues, water conservation, wastewater treatment, and/or other topics critical to the protection of our water resources and through their work educates and inspires today’s youth to hold similar values pertaining to our water environment.

Criteria: This honor is extended to an individual who has aided NEWEA in achieving its objective of cleaner water and for increasing public awareness and action in water pollution control.

Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

Deadline: May 31, 2024

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Previous Awardees: 

2023    Jeff Kalmes

2022    Philip Tucker

2022    Theresa Tucker

2021   Adriana Cillo

2020   Kerry Reed

2019    John Lee

2018    Christian Lund

2017    Zeb Arruda

2016    Leonard Young

2015    Marylee Santoro

2014    Andrew Fish

2013    Jeffrey McNelly

2013    Matthew Timberlake

2012    Cary James

2011    Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School

2010    Judith Hebert

2009    Joseph Alosso

2009    Kathleen Hoyne Smith

2009    Gale Meister

2007    Town of Needham DPW and School Departments

2006    Madelyn Wenham

2005    Joshua Atwood

2004    Adam Bakr

2004    Carl Johnson

2003    Martha Rogers

2002    Jeanette Brown

2001    Erin Mosley

2000    Arthur Enderle III

1999    Harbor Explorations

1998    Mary Kelley

1997    Jim Beddell

1996    Salem Sound 2000

1995    Joseph LaPlante

1994    Meg Tabacsko

1992    Jon Jewett

1992    George Maloney

1990    Jack Crowley