Clair N. Sawyer Award

Type: Individual

Description: The Clair N. Sawyer Award was established in 1976 and honors those who have given truly outstanding service in one or more of the following aspects of the wastewater industry; university teaching, operator training, research, application of innovation to improve the water environment and the development of technical publications that advance the knowledge of wastewater practitioners. The award honors Dr. Clair N. Sawyer who served New England, the Nation and the World as a professor, consultant and technical author, who pioneered many innovative concepts in wastewater treatment technology.

Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

Deadline: May 31, 2024

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Previous Awardees: 

2023    Nick Tooker

2022    Robert Rak

2021    Laurie Perkins

2020   Nora Lough

2019    Paul Dombrowski

2018    William Patenaude

2017    Annalisa Onnis-Hayden

2016    Joseph Boccadoro

2015    Helen Gordon

2014    Edward Rushbrook

2013    John Hart

2012    Larry Knight

2011    James O’Shaughnessy

2010    Norton True

2009    Terrance Campbell

2008    Michael Bisi

2007    Thomas White

2006    Douglas Lee Miller

2005    Charles Tyler

2004    Joseph Del Greco

2003    Meredith Zona

2002    John Cochrane

2001    Norman Cherubino

2000    Linda Carroll

1999    Cheryl Breen

1998    Andrew Fish

1997    Margaret Mansfield

1996    Paul Taurasi

1995    Edward Nazaretian

1994    Charles Smith

1993    Lester Sutton

1992    Paul Carver

1991    David Blake

1990    Allen Goulart

1989    Hamdy Bechir

1988    Alfred Peloquin

1987    Clifton Grinnell

1984    Bruce Eaton

1983    Francis Mahony, Jr.

1982    Edward Bayon

1980    Charles Knapp

1979    George Reece

1978    Joseph Hanlon

1977    Earl Howard

1976    Clair Sawyer