Collection Systems Committee

The Collection Systems Committee has three main goals, we:

  1. Share industry information
  2. Educate members/stakeholders on issues related to collection systems
  3. Research issues relating to wastewater collection systems

The Collection Systems Committee organizes and promotes programs for stimulating participation activities related to collection systems. The Committee provides a forum for the exchange of information on issues relating to collection systems operations, design, construction and management.

The Committee has recently developed two Task Forces: Private Inflow Task Force and FOG (Fats, Oil & Grease) Task Force.  The committee is currently recruiting members for these subgroups.  If you’re interested in joining a task force, contact the committee below.

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Contact Info

Peter Garvey, Chair
Phone: 617-695-3400

Scott Lander, Vice Chair
Phone: 978-837-7717


What does the Collection Systems Committee do?

  • Plan and host a Specialty Conference – every 2 years. Attendance is typically in excess of 120.
  • Identify key issues in our industry that warrant special attention and develop solutions. For example, review and revision of MADEP I/I guidelines.
  • Plan and host 2-3 technical sessions at the Annual Conference
  • Plan and host technical sessions at other NEWEA conferences/meetings.

How often do we meet?

  • At the Annual Conference
  • By conference call (on average once per quarter)
  • Subcommittees typically meet regularly, depending on the urgency of the goal

Why should you join us?

  • Keep current with new trends and technology in our industry
  • Network with peers from all parts of the industry
  • Have fun!

See what we’ve accomplished.

  • Worked with MADEP to review 1993 I/I guidelines and provide recommendations for revisions
  • Worked with NEIWPCC on reviewing and updating Chapter 2 of the TR-16 Guides for the Deisgn of Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Specialty Conference (Every two years) with over 120 attendees on average