Journal Committee

The Journal Committee has two main goals, we:

  1. Gather technical articles for publishing in the Journal
  2. Assemble and edit all the content of the Journal for publication, with the goal of expanding technical knowledge throughout our membership and beyond

Each year, we ask for four volunteers as Guest Editors to help review technical papers in preparation for the quarterly publication. In addition, the committee members work with the NEWEA Council Directors to obtain insight on papers they have reviewed for acceptance at the Annual Conference and Specialty conferences throughout the year. We also gather Industry news for a section of the Journal and an updates from the WEF Delegates, State Directors, NEWEA Student Scholarship winning Essays, and information on membership and advertisement.

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Contact Info

Jennifer Lawrence, Chair
Phone: 617-615-7548

Jim Barsanti, Vice Chair


What does the Journal Committee do?

  • Identify themes for the four journals each year
  • Outreach to membership and others for feature article generation
  • Edit all content of Journal each quarter

How often do we meet?

  • January meeting in person at Annual Conference
  • Three conference calls to discuss upcoming journal
  • Guest Editor would have to contribute more time (responsible for first review of the feature articles and obtaining information from authors)
  • Emails back and forth with the Assistant Editor and Graphic Designer
  • Review of three drafts of the Journal each quarter

Why should you join us?

  • Great opportunity to sharpen writing skills
  • Help spread knowledge and learning for our membership body
  • Raise your profile in NEWEA and the industry
  • Stay up to date with the work being done across New England

See what we’ve accomplished.

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