Collection Systems Certification Program

The Certification Program, offered in four grade levels, for the examination and certification of wastewater collection systems personnel in the New England States, was established in order to promote the employment of trained, experienced, reliable and efficient personnel for the operation of public and industrial wastewater works; and to establish standards and facilities whereby wastewater collection systems personnel can demonstrate proficiency. By means of this program, NEWEA strives to:

  • Improve the quality of wastewater collection systems operations;
  • Improve the status of wastewater collection systems personnel;
  • Promote safety conditions for wastewater collection systems personnel;
  • Provide a roster of qualified personnel; and
  • Provide a means whereby those responsible for employment of wastewater collection systems personnel can readily determine the qualifications which are considered desirable in such personnel.

NEWEA has certified over 6,800 collections systems operators.


  1. Complete the online application and submit with payment.  The certification fee is $75.00.  Make checks payable to NEWEA
  2. To determine your grade level eligibility, download the CS Point System (PDF)
  3. Download the Brochure for supplemental information
  4. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to scheduling an examination.

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the committee.  Once reviewed, the applicant will receive an email to schedule the exam.  Training courses are NOT offered by NEWEA.  Exams may be taken without attending a training course.

Payment must be received prior to scheduling an exam.