Application for Committee Appointment

*Membership is required for committee participation.

  • Can't fill out the online form? Download the Committee Application PDF
  • Your NEWEA ID # is the same number as your Water Environment Federation ID. We ask that all committee members have an active membership.
  • Please select the committee you are interested in joining and being a member of.
  • To the extent that any intellectual property rights in the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) volunteer’s work are capable of prospective assignment, the NEWEA volunteer hereby irrevocably assigns all intellectual property rights to NEWEA; no further action by volunteers is required to grant ownership to NEWEA; and the volunteer will not at any time contest the validity of such rights. To the extent any intellectual property rights in the NEWEA volunteer’s work cannot prospectively be assigned, the NEWEA volunteer will assign such rights to NEWEA, upon the request of NEWEA.