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On the Safe Side…

GHS Pictograms by Shannon Eyler
Familiarize yourself with the new look of container labeling.

The “ROOT” of the Problem by Chris Hipkiss
An interesting article about a Near Miss and a gate valve.

Slip Slidin’ Away by Chris Hipkiss
This type of injury is ranked 2nd as a comon cause of personal injury.

Should You Track Near Misses? by Chris Hipkiss
That is a good question, and if you don’t track near misses why not?

Safety Logo Contest

2016 Safety Logo Contest Ross Elliott, Portland, ME

Every three years, the Safety Committee holds a contest to raise awareness about safety in the workplace and in our daily lives.  The contest calls for the design of a new logo, to be printed on shirts which are displayed and sold throughout New England.

The winning entry will receive a one-night stay at the NEWEA Annual Conference in January; a ticket for personal recognition at the Awards Luncheon; his/her logo idea printed on a shirt for three years; and a free shirt!

View Submission Flyer >>  Artwork due December 28, 2018

Safety Awards

George W. Burke, Jr. Award

The George W. Burke, Jr. Award was established in 1982 in honor of George W. Burke, Jr. for his many years of service both to the water pollution control field and the Water Environment Federation as staff manager of technical services.  The purpose of the award is to encourage an active and effective safety program in municipal and industrial wastewater facilities and to stimulate the collecting and reporting of injury data.  More Information/Nomination Form

Operator Safety Award

This award was established by the NEWEA Safety Committee to recognize a wastewater operator for his/her safety initiative. More Information andNomination Form

Wastewater Facility Safety Survey

The committee holds a yearly wastewater facility safety survey for the six New England states. The purpose of the annual survey is to:

  • Increase safety awareness and minimize accidents/injuries.
  • Gather information regarding the status of safety programs at wastewater treatment facilities throughout New England.
  • Collect regional accident and injury statistics and publish them for use by all wastewater professionals to benchmark their safety programs.
  • Identify those areas and activities where accidents and injuries are occurring so that facility managers can better focus their safety efforts.

The Safety Survey for the 2017 work year will be released in Spring 2018.  Facilities that submit completed survey will be automatically entered into a random drawing with a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Read the past Safety Survey Results

Past Safety Events

Safety Specialty Workshop at 2010 NEWEA Spring Meeting – Creating a Safety Network

Safety Session at 2010 Annual Conference