Humanitarian Assistance Grant

The Humanitarian Assistance Committee is seeking grant proposals from NEWEA members for humanitarian and community type projects throughout New England.  Grant applications may be submitted on behalf of groups, individuals and or organizations. Grants will be awarded based on the projected costs and not to exceed $1500 per application. The Committee would like your assistance in identifying worthy causes that will help to benefit NEWEA’s mission “to preserve, protect and manage the water environment of New England”.

Simply stated a cause could be:

    • A financially burdened rural community in dire need of new equipment to run their wastewater treatment facility
    • Your local school system wishing to purchase science kits
    • A watershed organization needing materials to host a storm drain stenciling drive for the local community


    1. The grant application must be submitted by a NEWEA member
    2. The grant requests shall be in keeping with NEWEA’s mission, “to preserve, protect and manage the water environment resource of New England”
    3. A 100 words or less explanation of the cause or project being considered.  Including projected costs.  (additional explaination or supporting materials may be requested).  If your project or cause is more than $1500, identify the total cost and also, if you are seeking other grants to fully fund your project
    4. The requests shall be submitted using the Online Humanitarian Assistance Grant Form below.

Application Process

The Humanitarian Assistance Committee shall make appropriate inquiries into the humanitarian cause submitted and will prioritize the requests received.  All grant applicants will be notified of the Humanitarian Assistance Committee’s decision.

Questions may be directed to the Humanitarian Assistance Committee.

The humanitarian grant is now closed. Thank you