2023 Spring Meeting & Exhibit

.FINAL_ProgramSP23 - Final Program: NE-NYWEA Joint Spring Meeting & Exhibit, June 7-9, 2023, Saratoga Springs, NY

1.1_David_Nowak - Session 1: Utility Management: Maintaining Service During Water Reclamation Facility Upgrades: David Nowak, Joseph Rigney, Delve Underground; Solai Sundaram, Greeley and Hansen

1.2 – BrowerBill - Session 1: GHG 101: Measuring and Mitigating Climate Impacts from Wastewater Operations Bill Brower, Brown and Caldwell; Janine Burke-Wells, North East Biosolids & Residuals Association

1.3_Hross_Matthew - Session 1 - Overcoming the Challenges of a Minimum Continuous UV Dose Requirement for Disinfection of Secondary Effluent† Matthew Hross, Hazen and Sawyer

1.4 Keleher Kara - Session 1: Sewer Systems Are Like Your Arteries: You Want to Keep Them Flowing Kara Keleher, Donald Gallucci, Weston & Sampson; Dylan Ludy, City of Worcester

10.1. Harclerode.Melissa - Session 10: Navigating Greenhouse Gas Reporting, Justice40, and Other Policy Drivers to 1nform Sustainable Water Treatment and Biosolids Management† Melissa Harclerode, Chris Campbell, Megan Schlosser, Davonna Moore, CDM Smith

10.2_MuirJen_ColemanMegan - Session 10: Low-Carbon, Clean Construction Trends† Jen Muir, Megan Coleman, JK Muir, LLC

10.3 Daley D – Buhrle J -stormwater biofiltration - Session10: Stormwater Biofiltration for Nutrient Control: A Summary of Three Years of Field-based 1nvestigations Douglas Daley, Jessica Buhrle, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF)

10.4 NYWEA-NEWEA_Spring 2023-Porter1 - Session10: Sustainable Practices for Odor Control Systems Raymond Porter, Porter Odor Control; Michael Lannan, Tech Environmental

11.1.2 Remnek – Audits_Remnek_EPA Region 2_2023-06-08 FINAL - Session 11: Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Programs 101 Alexandre Remnek, United States Environmental Protection Agency