2014 North East Residuals & Biosolids Conference

NEBRA_Resid14_BIOFerm - Lunchtime Technology Presentation-Renewable Energy from Waste Technology -BIOFerm

NEBRA_Resid14_Carpenter - Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Biosolids Management Options: TBL Model Results from the WERF Energy Neutrality Project -Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth

NEBRA_Resid14_Crown - Lunchtime Technology Presentation-Crown Disintegration Process -Evoqua

NEBRA_Resid14_Giraldo - Ridgewood, New Jersey: An Energy-Positive, Cash-Positive Wastewater Treatment Plant -Eugenio Giraldo, Natural Systems Utilities

NEBRA_Resid14_Hamkins - The Power of FOG: Turning a Bad Situation Into a Good One -Melissa Hamkins, Wright-Pierce

NEBRA_Resid14_Hopkins - Maine Odor Regulations & Other Recent Developments -Carla Hopkins, Maine DEP

NEBRA_Resid14_Hosier - An Update from Nova Scotia -Ashley Hosier, Nova Scotia Environment

NEBRA_Resid14_Johnson - An Anaerobic Digestion System Integrated with Wastewater Treatment in a Public/ Private Partnership Facilitates (Nutrient) Resource Recovery -Alan Johnson, Quasar Energy Group

NEBRA_Resid14_Lystek - Lunchtime Technology Presentation: Lystek Technology -Lystek International, Inc

NEBRA_Resid14_McDonnell - Class B Land Application – It’s Alive! -Jen McDonnell, Casella Organics