2020 Annual Conference & Exhibit

1. AC20_CWilson - Asset Management in the Granite State— a Case Study in Keene, NH - Matthew Manchisi, Hazen and Sawyer, Charles Wilson, Hazen and Sawyer, Don Lussier, City of Keene, NH

1. AC20_LSekuler - Development of an Asset Management Roadmap Propelled by Work Team Initiatives - Len Sekuler, Arcadis, Sowmya Bhimanadhuni, Arcadis, Alton Echols, Loudoun Water, VA, Jessica Dzara, Loudoun Water, VA

1. AC20_ZJaffe - 3D GIS and Asset Management - Zachary Jaffe, LandTech Consultants, Andrea Taveres, LandTech Consultants, Chris Lorain, LandTech Consultants

10. AC20_ARozen - Revenue through Energy Savings and Generation - Alex Rozen, JKMuir, Jen Muir, JKMuir, Molly Keleher, JKMuir

10. AC20_CCastellon - Designing Energy Efficiency and Nitrogen Removal Optimization for a Major WPCF Upgrade in Southington, CT - Cynthia Castellon, Tighe & Bond, Chris Bone, Tighe & Bond

10. AC20_ETaher - A Multi-Sector Approach to Optimize Process Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs at the Upper Blackstone Edris Taher, Upper Blackstone Clean Water - Karla Sangrey, Upper Blackstone Clean Water, Timothy Loftus, Upper Blackstone Clean Water

10. AC20_TRenaud - Zero Net Energy Pumping Station Using On-site Water Source for Geothermal Heating and Cooling - Tom Renaud, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Mike Bartley, Stantec

11. AC20_ASelvaraj - Leaving Obsolescence Behind! A Case Study of Innovative Design/Build SCADA Upgrades - Akshaya Selvaraj, Arcadis, Zeeshan Amin, Arcadis, Edward Kowalski, Arcadis, Vanessa McPherson, Arcadis

11. AC20_CCherchi - Pushing Process Intensification Limits for Biological Nitrogen Removal using Gel Entrapment Technology - Dr. Carla Cherchi, Stantec, Kellogg Schwab, JHU, Shu Tsuda, Hitachi