2014 Microconstituents Conference

NEWEA_Micro14_Beecher - Biosolids and Soil—Remarkable Media for Managing Microconstituents -Ned Beecher, NEBRA

NEWEA_Micro14_Benotti - Looking Beyond The Parents—The Presence and Toxicity of Transformation Products -Mark Benotti, Batelle/Bentley College

NEWEA_Micro14_Ferdi - Where the Pipe Ends—Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance inthe Ambient Environment -Ferdi Hellweger, Northeastern University

NEWEA_Micro14_Khunjar - Benchmarking Microconstituent Biodegradation During Biological Nutrient Removal -Wendell Khunjar, Hazen and Sawyer, PC

NEWEA_Micro14_Mackay - Assessing Downstream Potential for Attenuation of Microconstituents in River Systems Receiving Moderate Wastewater Inputs -Allison MacKay, University of Connecticut

NEWEA_Micro14_Phillips - SEX and DRUGS—How and When to Sample for Them -Patrick Phillips, USGS

NEWEA_Micro14_Ramsburg - Evaluating the Role of Nitrification in Pharmaceutical Biodegradation During Wastewater Treatment C. Andrew Ramsburg, Tufts University

NEWEA_Micro14_Schaider - Inputs of Contaminants of Emerging Concern into the Cape Cod Aquifer from Onsite and Centralized Wastewater -Laurel Schaider, Silent Spring Institute

NEWEA_Micro14_Verslycke - Sustainability and Microconstituent Management—What are the Big Questions? -Tim Verslycke, Gradient