2015 CSO/WWI Conference

CSO15_MYoung - Welcome Remarks: A Little About Lowell - Mary Young, Lowell, MA Regional WW Utility

CSO15_KWeiss - Implementing Integrated Wet Weather Solutions in a Digital World - Kevin Weiss, U.S. EPA

CSO15_Sgroi - Knowledge Is Power: GNHWPCA Reduces Annual CSO Volume by 28% In two Years for $350K - Thomas Sgroi and and Bruce Kirkland, GNHWPCA

CSO15_Melendy - Sucess Stories and Lessons Learned in Exeter and Portsmouth, NH Including Private I/I Mitigation for CSO Control - Cole Melendy, Underwood Engineers

CSO15_Agenda - NEWEA CSO/Wet Weather Issues Specialty Conference, Exhibit & Tour "Implementing Integrated Wet Weather Solutions in a Digital World" - October 26-27, 2015, UMASS Inn & Conference Center, Lowell, MA

CSO15_SFreedman - Benefits of Sound Planning: How Augusta, ME's 25-year Adapted CSO Abatement Program Netted Positive Results - Steven Freedman and Eric Lemont, AECOM and Brian Tarbuck, GAUD

CSO15_RPolys - CSO Success—Overcoming Funding & Design Challenges in Madawaska, ME - Robert Polys and Maggie Connolly,Woodard & Curran

CSO15_LPerkins - I/I Removal, Combined Sewer Separation, or Treatment Expansion—the Trifecta of Integrated Planning in Rockland, ME - Laurie Perkins, Wright-Pierce

CSO15_JLefkowitz - How the Internet of Things Can Help Communities Better Manage Urban Stormwater - Marcus Quigley and Jamie Lefkowitz\, OptiRTC

CSO15_RWingard - Enhancing CSO Storage by Integrating Green Infrastructure with the Back Cove South Storage Conduit in Portland, ME - Ryan Wingard, Wright-Pierce