2023 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

.NEWEA_Res23_Agenda - Agenda for the Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference, Exhibit & Tour, November 1-2, 2023, Portsmouth, NH.

Presentation+Andrew+Freidenthal - High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) for Biosolids PFAS Elimination: Pilot Test Results and Process Review (Andrew Friedenthal, Char Technologies)

Presentation+Bill+Barber - Use of Thermal Hydrolysis Enhance Options for Co-Digestion (Bill Barber, Cambi)

Presentation+Chris+Muller - The Addition of FOG to Thermal Hydrolysis: Experiences of Hampton Roads Sanitation District’s Atlantic Treatment Plant (Christopher Muller, Brown and Caldwell)

Presentation+Eric+Spargimino - Can PFAS be Cost Effectively Treated? (Eric Spargimino, CDM Smith)

Presentation+Jim+Dunbar - Regional Biosolids Solution are Tough, But They Can Work if Done Correctly (Jim Dunbar, Lystek International)

Presentation+Lise+LeBlanc - Opportunities for Biosolids and Residuals in the Carbon Market (Lise LeBlanc, LP Consulting)

Presentation+Mike+McWirter - One Stone Two Birds: Insights from New Legislation and Rules for Biogas Produced Renewable Energy (Michael McWhirter, Stantec)

Presentation+Nic+Leblanc - The Quebec Moratorium on US Residuals: Lessons Learned (Nic Leblanc, Englobe)

Presentation+Terry+Goss - Harnessing the Power of Dried Biosolids – More than a Decade of Experience (Terry Goss, AECOM)