2017 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

Beecher-AmazingBiosolidsRecycling-NEBiosolidsResidualsConference-26Oct2017 - All the Remarkable Benefits of Recycling Biosolids to Soils - Ned Beecher, NEBRA

Beecher-Regulations-Phosphorus-NEResidualsBiosolidsConf-27Oct2017 - Phosphorus Regulation & Research in Massachusetts & Beyond - Ned Beecher, NEBRA

Chouinard-GHGsInBiosolidsDecisionMaking-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Biosolids Management Decision-Making - Tracy Chouinard, Brown and Caldwell

Doyle-MontpelierPlansNetZero-26Oct2017 - Net Zero Strategy: Montpelier, VT’s Approach for Total Water Resource Recovery - Larry Doyle, Energy Systems

Ely-RootBacteria&SoilHealth-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Characterizing Root-Associated Bacteria for Improvement of Soil Health - Cairn Ely, Central CT State University

Gangal-Annamox-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Analysis of Startup and Long-Term Performance of a High-Throughput Deammonification System - Mudit Gangal, Ovivo

Goulet-QuebecBiosolidsPolicy&Practice-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - Biosolid management in Quebec - Patricia Goulet Agente de recherche et planification RECYC-QUÉBEC

Joseph-SSIAshAsPFertilizerResearch-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017.pptx - Phosphate Fertilizer Value of Sludge Incineration Ashes - Claude Alla Joseph, Laval University

Kuter-Phosphorus&Composts-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - Phosphorus in Biosolids Composts and Risks to Water Quality - Geoff Kuter, Agresource

Loubier-QuebecBiosolidsPractice-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - Updates on Recycling of Fertilizing Residual Materials in Quebec - Patricia Goulet, RECYC and Serge Loubier, Englobe