2017 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

Res17_Agenda - Final Agenda for 2017 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference, Exhibit & Tour, October 25-27, 2017, Burlington, VT

Reilly-15YearsOf2PAD-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - 15 Years of 2PAD at the Airport Parkway WWTF, South Burlington, VT - John Reilly, Hoyle, Tanner & Assoc.

Williams-CortlandADUpgrade-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - Cortland WWTF: Digester Upgrades and CHP Integration in an Antiquated System - Matt Williams, WesTech Eng

Sierra-CoDigestion-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - To Codigest or Not to Codigest? - Natalie Sierra, Brown & Caldwell

Potash&Carpenter-ReducingPlantAvailableP-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct201 - Reducing Plant-Available Phosphorus in Agricultural Soils Using Water Treatment Residuals: Current Field Trials - Michael Potash, Resource Management Inc.

Peot-GHGConsiderationsAtDCWater-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Carbon Considerations in Biosolids Management - Chris Peot, DC Water

Muller-DigestersBurpingFrothing-NEBiosolidsConference-27Oct2017 - Are Your Digesters Burping, Frothing, or Otherwise Not Behaving? - Chris Muller, Brown and Caldwell

Rainey-PFASInWastewaterResiduals-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Regional Update on PFAS in Biosolids & Residuals - Michael Rainey, Formerly NH DES

Peot-DevelopingBLOOMProduct-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Developing Product Blends for Urban Uses - Chris Peot, DC Water

Park-UMassSideStreamRactor-NEBiosolidsConference-26Oct2017 - Minimizing Sludge Generation Using an Anaerobic Side-Stream Reactor Process - Chul Park, UMASS Amherst