2018 CSO/Wet Weather Conference

CSO18_Agenda - Conference Agenda - NEWEA CSO & Wet Weather Issues Conference & Exhibit held on October 29 - 30, 2018 at the Holiday Inn By The Bay, Portland, Maine

NEWEA_CSO18_ABoulet - New York City DEP’s CSO Long-Term Control Plans Sampling Program - Aimee Boulet, AECOM

NEWEA_CSO18_AHolmdal - Man, Machine or Both! Alexis Holmdal and - Matthew Matala, Stantec

NEWEA_CSO18_AHunt - Planning for Extremes—When, Where and How Much - Indrani Ghosh, Kleinfelder and Alicia Hunt, City of Medford, MA

NEWEA_CSO18_BCallahan - Green Stormwater Infrastructure for CSO Control - A Case Study of Philadelphia's Approach - Bernadette Callahan, Stantec

NEWEA_CSO18_CBalerna - The Language of Climate Change: Shaping Public Preparedness - Christopher Balerna, Kleinfelder

NEWEA_CSO18_CFeeney - Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), A Demonstration Project to Address CSOs - Christopher Feeney, Stantec

NEWEA_CSO18_DBedoya - Large Scale Problems Require Large Scale Solutions - David Bedoya, Stantec

NEWEA_CSO18_DBrown - Flow Monitoring - Lost Data - David Brown, Hach

NEWEA_CSO18_DThompson - A National Review of Innovative and Integrated Stormwater Management Initiatives - Dahlia Thompson, Hazen and Sawyer