2016 Laboratory Conference

Lab16_Agenda - Laboratory Practices Conference 2016 Agenda

NEWEA_LAB16_KSmith - LIMS - A Progressive Data Exchange Program Kathy Smith, Narragansett Bay Commission

NEWEA_LAB16_LDavidowski - The Detection of Metal-Based Nanoparticles in Environment Matrices by a Single Particle ICP-MS Lee Davidowski, PerkinElmer

NEWEA_LAB16_MDelaney - MWRA Data Integrity & Ethics Michael Delaney, MWRA

NEWEA_LAB16_MDelaney1 - Looking Back at Our New LIMS Michael Delaney, MWRA

NEWEA_LAB16_NLough - The Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN): Design and Implementations of a Wastewater Laboratory Nora Lough, Narragansett Bay Commission

NEWEA_LAB16_PDesrosiers - Overview of Field's Point BNR Process Paul Desrosiers, Narragansett Bay Commission

NEWEA_LAB16_PMoss - LIMS - Managing Critical Data in the Small Laboratory Pam Moss, HACH

NEWEA_LAB16_WPalm - Laboratory Data Echange for Small Treatment Facilities Walter Palm, Narragansett Bay Commission