2016 Collection Systems Conference

cs16_agenda - Wastewater Collection Systems Specialty Conference & Exhibit held September 12, 2016 in Boxborough, MA

newea_cs16_bdomkowski - Pump it, Grind it, Screen it... An Update to the Current Status of Wipes Testing and Handling of Modern Trash - Robert Domkowski, Xylem, Inc Water Solutions – Flygt

newea_cs16_dmarshall-baker - Rehabilitation of Collection System Manholes in a Tidal Marsh - Debralyn Marshall-Baker, Town of Groton, CT

newea_cs16_keynote_tdeboda_nassco - Keynote Speaker - Ted DeBoda, Executive Director, NASSCO

newea_cs16_kolson - BOOM! Hydraulic Transient Problems—Emergency and Long-term Solutions for Lexington’s Main Wastewater Pumping Station - Kevin Olson, Wright-Pierce

newea_cs16_msanders - Solving Collection System Overflows with an Auxiliary Wastewater Treatment Plant - Michael Sanders, Kleinfelder

newea_cs16_pantle - A Novel Field-Portable Chemical Drip System for FOG Prevention - Dr. Patrick Antle, Protein Matrix

newea_cs16_sperdioskpratka - I/I Reduction and Sewer Rehabilitation Project—a Patient, Comprehensive Approach to Remove Infiltration - Steve Perdios and Katie Pratka, Dewberry Engineers Inc.

newea_cs16_tdemers - Making Connections: How the City of Lawrence, MA is Implementing an Effective and Comprehensive Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Program - Teri Demers, Woodard & Curran

newea_cs16_tlabrie - Benefits and Limitations of Sonar and Multi-Sensor Inspection of Sewers in Chicopee, MA - Tiffany Labrie, Tighe & Bond, Inc.