2015 Nutrient Removal Conference

NEWEA_Small15_GWeaver - No Cost Nitrogen Removal—Five MA Case Studies - Grant Weaver, The Water Planet Company

NEWEA_Small15_JMcDonald - Improving Nutrient Removal of Existing Wastewater Facilities Using Cyclic Aeration and Chemical Addition - Provides background to the process enhancements made to facilities for nitrogen and phosphorus removal • Jeff McDonald, Fuss & O’Neill

NEWEA_Small15_JMyers - What Happens When TMDL Requirements Change in the Middle of a Plant Upgrade? Do you adjust the current design or start from scratch? • Jack Myers, Stantec

NEWEA_Small15_MDrainville - Chatham WPCF—Challenges Faced by a Small Community Removing Nitrogen to the Limit of Technology • Marc Drainville, GHD and Val Peter, Weston & Sampson

NEWEA_Small15_PMathisen - Managing Nitrogen From Small Wastewater Discharges: Some Challenges and Opportunities - KEYNOTE: Paul Mathisen, WPI

NEWEA_Small15_WElliott - Unfunded Mandates—What’s This Going to Cost? The costs to comply with lower phosphorus limits for several VT WWTFs. • Wayne Elliott, Aldrich + Elliot

Small15_Agenda - Agenda - Small Community "Nutrient Removal Compliance Strategies for Small Communities" Conference, November 18, 2015, Publick House, Sturbridge, MA.