2021 Joint NEWEA/PNCWA Collection Systems Webinar

_Collect21_Webinar - Joint Collection Systems Webinar was co-hosted by NEWEA and PNCWA on November 9, 2021 and covered Infiltration & Inflow Coast to Coast: Tools & Technology

CollSys21_GSpringman - I/I Presentation by Greg Springman, Director, Public Works, City of Sweet Home, OR

CollSys21_JBarsanti - I/I Presentation by James Barsanti, Environmental Engineer, MA DEP, Wilmington, MA

CollSys21_JLaliberte - MDC Infiltration/Inflow Everywhere - Joseph L. Laliberte, Vice President, CDM Smith, Hartford, CT

NEWEA_PNCWA I&I_Webinar King County’s I_I Program - Progression of King County’s I & I Program: From Monitoring & Modeling to Lessons Learned in I & I Reduction - Bob Swarner, P.E. Supervisor of Modeling