2021 Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference

_Res21_Agenda - Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Conference was held on October 7, 2021 at UMASS, Lowell, MA.

NERESBIO21_ASowitcky - Digestion, Odor Control & Shipping Cake Isn't What It Used to Be • Amy Sowitcky, Tighe & Bond

NERESBIO21_BBrower - Potential for Carbon Credits From Biosolids Land Application • Bill Brower, Brown & Caldwell

NERESBIO21_DSong - Drying and Thermal Treatment Technologies for Biosolids Management • Don Song (presented by: Deb Mahoney & John Ross, Brown & Caldwell)

NERESBIO21_JNekowitsch - Investigating Phosphorus Availability in Biosolids Amended Agricultural Soils • Jessica Nekowitsch, NEBRA Intern

NERESBIO21_MHebert - Montreal Sludge Incineration—Recovery of ash as phosphate fertilizer, liming product and for the reduction of GHG emissions • Marc Hebert, Expert Consultant & Trainer

NERESBIO21_MParker - Recovering Green Hydrogen and Heat from Wet Sewage Sludge • Robin Parker, Chemergy

NERESBIO21_NEBRA_NEIWPCC - The 2nd National Biosolids Survey - Preliminary Results, Trends and Interesting Developments • Janine Burke Wells, NEBRA and Jennifer Lichtensteiger, NEIWPCC

NERESBIO21_TWilliams - Adaptive Master Planning to Manage PFAS in Biosolids • Todd Williams, Jacobs Engineering

NERESBIO21_VVilla - Sustainable PFAS reduction/elimination through the Bioforcetech system • Valentino Villa, Bioforcetech Corporation