2023 CEC & Plant Operations Conference

.CECPlant23_Agenda - Agenda for NEWEA CEC and Plant Operations Conference, September 13, 2023, Publick House, Sturbridge, MA. Co-hosted by NEWWA.

CEC23__SJakositz - Down the Drain—An Investigation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in anIsland Community’s Wastewater Collection System • Sarah Jakositz and Eric Spargimino, CDM Smith

CEC23_APunsoni - Surface Active Foam Frationation & Bioremediation Andrew Punsoni, Allonnia

CEC23_AWillett - Drinking Water Treatment System Design for PFAS Removal with FLUORO-SORB®Adsorbent Anna Willett, Langan

CEC23_CCammann - Ultra High Temperature Ionic Gasification for Biosolids Treatment Casey Cammann, Heartland Water Technology

CEC23_EChrist - Electrochemical Destruction of PFOA and PFOS in Landfill Leachate Elisabeth Christ, Orren Schneider, Anil Krosuri, Leanne Hersey, Aclarity

CEC23_HakesA - End-to-End PFAS Treatment Alex Hakes and Chris Scott, Veolia

CEC23_HakesK - The Basic Principles of Water Treatment Media Pilot Trial Design and Evaluation Kelsey Hakes-Beckwith, AqueoUS Vets

CEC23_JWahl - Lessons Learned and Next Steps Forward • Julia Wahl, Woodard & Curran

CEC23_Kelley - Impact of PFAS Removal on Water Treatment Residuals Disposal Options • Eric Kelley, Environmental Partners and Liz Garvey, Stantec