2015 Water Reuse & Industrial Wastewater Conference

Reuse15_CKurtz_BArmet - Reuse of Secondary Treated Effluent for Potential Power Plant Cooling Supply – Christopher Pierce, Wright-Pierce and Brian Armet, Mattabassett District

Reuse15_CWilcox - Cost-Effective Industrial Water Reuse Yields Significant Reduction in Wastewater Discharge at a Manufacturing Plant in Peabody, MA – Carl Wilcox, Woodard & Curran

Reuse15_ETroop - Water Reuse for a Commercial Greenhouse – Elizabeth Troop, Fuss & O’Neill

Reuse15_JSheehan - Water Conserv II Sets the Standard for Reuse Projects in the Northeast–Jay Sheehan, Woodard & Curran

Reuse15_KGolmer - Water Conservation Technology for Recirculating Cooling Systems - Karen Golmer, New England Water Innovation Network and John Rowen, Capture H2O

Reuse15_LPutnam - The Customer is Key—How to Design A Reuse System to Maximize Satisfaction and Minimize Cost –Lynne Putnam, Dewberry

Reuse15_MFernandes - Improving Competitiveness Through Financial Assessment of Water Reuse Technologies – Marina Fernandes, CDM Smith

Reuse15_RScott - Overcoming Water Scarcity in the "Water-Rich" Northeast at the University of Connecticut - Rob Scott, Woodard & Curran

Reuse15_RThukral - Innovation Single Pass Process Intensified MBR Design Producing Excellent Effluent Quality - Rahul Thukral, OVIVO USA

Reuse15_SNelles - On-Campus Water Reuse: Reliability & Readiness - Scott Nelles, Sustainable Water