2023 Annual Conference & Exhibit

.AC23_Program - NEWEA 2023 Annual Conference & Exhibit January 22 – 25 Boston Marriott Copley Place Boston, Massachusetts

AnnualConf23_Session1_BMiatke - Planting the Seeds for Young Professional Development through the Roots of Arcadis Program Baxter Miatke, Arcadis

AnnualConf23_Session1_MRies - ESG 101: Why and How Water Utilities are Shifting from Sustainability Reports to ESG Reporting Karri Ving, Brown and Caldwell Matthew Ries, DC Water Rosaleen Nogle, Buffalo Sewer Authority Mary Tchamkina, Raftelis

AnnualConf23_Session1_RFlood - Harmonization of Water Industry Trends to Drive Innovation of Analytics Ryan Flood, Water Analytics

AnnualConf23_Session1_RRoland - The Next Generation of Operators—Recruitment and Retainage Robert Roland, Weston & Sampson

AnnualConf23_Session10_BBlanchard - Incorporating Community Based GSI Solutions into a Large Scale CSO Program Brandon Blanchard, Pare Corporation Brian Kuchar, Horsley Witten Christopher Feeney, Stantec Kathryn Kelly, Narragansett Bay Commission Peter Georgetti, Pare Corporation

AnnualConf23_Session10_ECasarano - Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s Journey from Long-term Control Plan to Post Construction Compliance Monitoring Program Erika Casarano, AECOM Don Walker, AECOM Greg Heath, AECOM Jeremy Hall, MWRA

AnnualConf23_Session10_EMoore - Narragansett Bay Commission CSO Abatement: Water Quality Improvements Following Completion of Phase II Eliza Moore, Narragansett Bay Commission

AnnualConf23_Session10_FOcchipinti - CSO Mitigation, Wet Weather Flows, and Regulatory Compliance—a Look into Fitchburg’s Collection System Rehabilitation Plan Frank Occhipinti, Weston & Sampson Nicholas Erickson, City of Fitchburg, MA

AnnualConf23_Session11_RGilbert - Developing a Racial Equity Lens at Woodard & Curran—a Panel Discussion Q&A Panelists: Rachel Gilbert, Woodard & Curran Julia Wahl, Woodard & Curran Sue Guswa, Woodard & Curran Jay Sheehan, Woodard & Curran