2016 Joint Spring Meeting

NEWEA_Spr16_AEagan - Sewer Trunkline Repairs and Stream Stabilization - Anthony Eagan, Richard Straut, Barton and Loguidice Collapse of 54-inch hand laid brick sewer constructed in the 1880s leads to re-establishment of a sewer easement, lining and hardening, relocation of approximately 1,200 LF of stream and partial dam breach to protect the sewer from future failures associated with elevated streamflows in a laterally confined channel. Project includes hardening of infrastructure within a floodplain to protect from future storm events.

NEWEA_Spr16_MThompson - Designing, Permitting and Constructing Wastewater Treatment Improvements and Sewer System Expansions - Mark Thompson, Kleinfelder, Inc.

NEWEA_Spr16_KShannon - Force Main and Trunk Line Sewer Installation/Rehabilitation Utilizing Three Trenches Technologies - Kevin Shannon, Sandra L. Tripp, GHD

NEWEA_Spr16_JPeck - Managing Boston’s Investments in Buried Infrastructure through Systematic Evaluation of Condition and Risk - Jacob Peck, CH2M; Chase Berkeley, Boston Water & Sewer Commission

NEWEA_Spr16_DMiller - Struvite Control, Polymer Reduction and Cake Dryness Improvement with Energy Efficient Process – HydroFLOW - Douglas L. Miller, Douglas L. Miller Consulting; Tal Journo, Chuck Glessner, HydroFLOW-USA

NEWEA_Spr16_RPape - ECM: Pro-active Energy/GHG Reduction Measures for the Future - Robert Pape, Gabrielle Moore, Jane Atkinson, AECOM; Tami Lin and Anthony Fiore, NYCDEP

NEWEA_Spr16_RDunbar - How the Application of Spectrophotometry to Optimization of Aeration and Disinfection Saved 25 Percent of the Energy in a 10 MGD Plant - Robert Dunbar, Nathan Klinkhammer, Chris Russo, ZAPS Technologies

NEWEA_Spr16_EBrannon - Year-long Study of Nitrous Oxide, Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Biological Nitrogen Removal - Elizabeth Brannon, Serena Moseman-Valtierra, University of Rhode Island; James McCaughey, Narragansett Bay Commission

NEWEA_Spr16_SSyde - Captain Plunger to the Rescue: How New Bedford Transformed Their IPP and FOG Program Using Outreach and Technology - Shawn Syde, CDM Smith; Zeb Arruda, Ronald Labelle, Wayne Perry, City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure